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A couple month ago, I was Having a job interview in one of multinational company, in my country..and the last stage for the interview i had to do a presentation. first presentation is about market analysis, SWOT, and give a suggestion and the second presentation is about a thing that i love.

actually i dont have any single idea about the second presentation..my mentor said that she was presenting about books , because she like to read books, well i dont have so much love about books, and any other reading thingy except japan comic books, and suddenly i remember the thing that i really love at this moment, its SONGS.

I began my second presentation by saying that “I CANT PLAY ANY SINGLE MUSIC INSTRUMENT” but i Really love Music. i said from music we can learn a lot of things, like history, love life (happy or Brokenhearted), friendship, etc.

I really listen to lyrics in a song after a devastated moment in my life and it happened when i broke up with my boyfriend, i dated him for 5 years and we were very serious at that time but somehow we didn’t make it , hahahaha..

lets go back to the music thingy again.. well, there’s nothing quite like a feeling when you listening to a song written by someone you don’t know, or you’ve never met, and somehow it manage to describe exactly how you felt a particular moment in your life that’s how i felt when i’m listening to the music, especially when the songs is about heartache.

for example the song that represent my journey when i was very sad is linkin parks song from the album A thousand Sun. its like steps that might happen to you..the songs are :

1. burning in the skies : what i get from this song is that you are very sad and sick so you will say “i’m loosing what i don’t deserve”

2. waiting for the end : after you have an endless confusions in your heart you just really want to endthis feeling  and you really want to move on “sitting in an empty room trying to forget the past”

3. Iridescent : well this is a very good songs in terms of lyrics and melody you just have to hear it, it tells you that you have to “let it go”

when i heard these songs i just realize, i am not alone, everybody will feel the same way if they sad and very disappointed. and it just makes me think its a normal feelings and everybody will through this felling.

the other songs that i think its very good is coldplay songs viva la vida, i learnt about history, about Jerusalem bells, who is saint peter, and who is the one who can raise the sea when he said a word.

well i think that’s all,

actually many songs that i like, from many genre too, but burning in the skies, waiting for the end, and iridescent are the songs that make my heart skip a beat at this moment 🙂


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