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Sometimes…you have to look back and compare somethings just to see how much progress that you have made.

yes that is what i do today, just realize that this man when he was with me he is such a bad boy, but now he got really good girl, wheew he must have changed a lot.

and what about me?

i don’t know, but now i think i made some progress, i think, it just what i think, i dont know the real situation..

i write this blog, so i can remember , so i can move on,

i rather be a comma than a full stop,


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Talk to the Hand

After a very bad breakup its really hard to love someone, for me if i like someone its like a blessings,

and now, i do like someone which is my own best friend who already tell me before i i like him that we only can be friends..hahhaha..

i just really dont know what to do, i ask my boyfriends,they say let it go, and when i ask my girlfriends they say you have to fight for it, dont give him to another girl, hold him tight 😀 …

now i can see the difference between women’s head and men’s head, its kinda funny when you think of it, it’s very contradictive.

and now, i haven’t decide what should i do , leave him, or stay and support what he do..ahahaha..





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